Conference on Economic Design: York, United Kingdom, June 14-16, 2017

2017 Conference on Economic Design: York, United Kingdom, June 14-16, 2017

The tenth bi-annual Conference on Economic Design will be held at the University of York, United Kingdom, on three full days June 14-16 (Wed--Fri), 2017.
It will be organised by the Economics Department of the University of York and the Centre for Mechanism and Institution Design.

The final conference programme, a campus map, a local map of York, and a university guide book are available now. All lectures of the conference are open to the public free of charge but delegates have the priority to take seats.  

The conference welcomes paper submissions from many different fields such as economics, business, finance, politics, computer science, operations research, law, history relevant to mechanism or institution design in a broad sense, regardless of whether contributions are theoretical, empirical, experimental, historical or practical. Subjects include but are not limited to auctions, matching, school choice, college admission, organ exchange, decentralised markets, random market mechanisms, voting, social choice, taxation, tax reform, coalition formation, price formation, ranking and scoring, measurements of power and influence, contest, fair division, contract, bargaining, negotiation, market design implementation, pricing on electricity, pricing on public utilities, pricing on cloud computing services, online allocation mechanisms, online auctions, market design experiments, public goods experiments, behavioural mechanism design, information and incentive, digital sport market for labour, market design in transportation sector, institution and organisation, health care, health policy, health insurance, pension scheme, fiscal policy, monetary policy, growth and development, performance evaluation, arbitration, patent design, governance, refugee assignment, robust mechanism design, matching in dynamic environments, rationality and irrationality in market design, etc.

York is a beautiful historical city with a rich heritage and a wealth of attractions being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK. We would like to advise you to make a hotel reservation as soon as possible if you wish to attend the conference, in order to avoid a shortage of affordable accommodation.

The Keynote Speakers are:
Sanjeev Goyal (Cambridge)  Paul Kleindorfer Lecture
Parag Pathak (MIT)              Murat Sertel Lecture
Philip Reny (Chicago)          Leo Hurwicz Lecture
Important Dates:
Paper Submission Opens: 20-Nov-2016
Paper Submission Deadline: 16-Feb-2017
Notice of Accepted Papers : 1-Mar-2017 until 6-Apr-2017
Registration Opens: 10-Mar-2017
Early Registration Deadline: 20-Apr-2017
Registration Deadline: 20-May-2017 (now closed).
Conference Fees:
Regular participants: £330 (GBP) until 20-Apr-2017 and £380 (GBP) after 20-Apr-2017.
Student participants: £190 (GBP) until 20-Apr-2017 and £230 (GBP) after 20-Apr-2017.
(Fees include a gala dinner, 3 lunches, drinks, and the membership of the Society for Economic Design.)
Spouse participants:  £100 (GBP) until 20-May-2017 (Fees include a gala dinner and social events.)
Those fees should be paid through bank transfer. If you wish to pay through PayPal, you need to pay its transaction fee
of £11 (GBP) for regular participants and of £7 (GBP) for students. 

Paper Submission:
We start to accept paper submissions from 20th Noverber 2016 until 16th February 2017.
Each individual is allowed for only one paper submission.
Papers should be submitted in PDF with a cover letter to
If the author is a student, it is advised to declare it.

Registration (now closed):
Early registration runs from 10th March 2017 until 20th April 2017. Each participant chooses their own type to pay as indicated above after 20th April 2017. Students need to have a letter from their department head confirming their student identity.

Late registration ran from 21st April 2017 until 20th May 2017 and is now closed.

If you should have special dietary requirements, please write to when you register. We will try to meet your requirements to the extent possible.

Programme Committee:
Chair: Zaifu Yang (University of York)
Co-chair: Yuan Ju (University of York)
Co-chair: Paul Schweinzer (University of Klagenfurt)
Programme Committee Members:
Atila Abdulkadiroglu (Duke University)
Tommy Andersson (Lund University)
Peter Biro (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
Anna Bogomolnain (University of Glasgow)
Tilman Börgers (University of Michigan)
Eric Budish (University of Chicago)
Bo Chen (Southern Methodist University)
Yan Chen (University of Michigan)
Youngsub Chun (Seoul National University)
Kim-Sau Chung (Chinese University of Hongkong)
Federico Echenique (California Institute of Technology)
Lars Ehlers (University of Montreal)
Eytek Erdil (University of Cambridge)
Pierre Fleckinger (MINES Paris Tech)
Alex Gershkov (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Claus-Jochen Haake (University of Paderborn)
John Hatfield (University of Texas at Austin)
Jean-Jacques Herings (Maastricht University)
Johannes Hörner (Yale University)
Sergei Izmalkov (New Economic School, Moscow)
Bettina Klaus (University of Lausanne)
Fuhito Kojima (Stanford University)
Stephan Lauermann (University of Bonn)
Qingmin Liu (Columbia University)
Jingfeng Lu (National University of Singapore)
Jinpeng Ma (Rutgers University)
David Manlove (University of Glasgow)
Debasis Mishra (India Statistical Institute)
Hervé Moulin (University of Glasgow)
Michael Ostrovsky (Stanford University)
Hans Peters (Maastricht University)
Michael Schwarz (Google)
Arunava Sen (Indian Statistical Institute)
Roberto Serrano (Brown University)
Shigehiro Serizawa (Osaka University)
Jay Sethuraman (Columbia University)
Luigi Siciliani (University of York)
Jacco Thijssen (University of York)
William Thomson (University of Rochester)
Walter Trockel (Istanbul Bilgi University)
Utku Ünver (Boston College)
Local Organisers:
Mauro Bambi (University of York)
Anindya Bhattacharya (University of York)
Annette Johnson (University of York)
Alan Krause (University of York)
Andrew Pickering (University of York)
Makoto Shimoji (University of York)
How to Get to York (and the University):
The closest airports are Manchester Airport and Leeds-Bradford Airport. There are direct trains from Manchester Airport to York (about two hours).
There are buses from Leeds-Bradford Airport to Leeds and trains from Leeds to York (in total also about two hours). One can also travel from London (King's Cross Station) or from Edinburgh to York by train. If you fly to Heathrow Airport, you can take the tube (Piccadily Line) from the airport and get off at King's Cross and then take the train from there to York.

Bus line 66 takes you from York station to the University of York ``Campus East''.

There are bus stops and a waiting line for taxis just outside the main gate of the railway station. Depending on your arrival time, the line can be quite long and waiting for a taxi may not be significantly faster than taking the bus. 

Accommodation: Hotels, Apartments and Dormitories
We would like to advise you to book your accommodation as soon as possible, because in the summer York is a busy tourist city and holds major horse racing events. In particular, Friday, June 16, 2017 will kick out a major horse racing event and hotel rooms for that night can be very expensive. You could avoid it by staying the night in Leeds which is about 20 minute away by train from York and a major city nearby and has many hotels.  
Staycity Aparthotels York
Hampton Hilton York Hotel has 20 rooms with a favourite rate of £110 per night. (Please book here.)
Staycity Hotel has 20 rooms with a favourite rate of £70 per night. Please book by phone or email Lynsey Austin or call +441904626311, and mention ``Economic Design."
Park Inn Hotel has 25 rooms with a favourite rate of £95 per night. Please book by calling the hotel reservation at +441904459988 and mentioning ``University of York." Booking deadline for this is May 2, 2017.

Cancellation Policy:
We can refund 60% of the registration fee for cancellations before May 10.
There will be no refund for cancellations after May 10.
All cancellations must be written to before May 10. Refund can be time consuming.
Questions, Suggestions, and Financial Support:
If you would like to organise a session which deals with an emerging subject, please write to
Any other questions or suggestions should also go to this email address.
We will provide financial support for participants from low-income countries to subsidise part of their accommodation cost. They can send an application to the above e-mail address after they have registered to attend the conference.